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In the Community

Arden House

The YWCA Emergency Domestic Violence Safe House

RWAAC supports Arden House, a domestic violence shelter, with monthly financial contributions, as well as twice yearly “showers.” The club also furnished two rooms at the shelter. Women and families who flee domestic violence must often leave behind all of their belongings. Download a list compiled by Arden House of items that are most useful to help their guests through this transition period. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Arden House Wish List


No Child Left Behind

(at Eastport Elementary School, Annapolis, MD)


View Photos from the Nov 19, 2012 RWAAC Uniform Sweatshirt Donation for Eastport Elementary School.

On Nov. 19, RWAAC donated several uniform sweatshirts to the PreK students at Eastport Elementary through their work there with No Child Left Behind. Parent Sirenia Luengas is pictured with Harriet Burkhart, Chairman of RWAAC’s No Child Left Behind Committee — a team of literacy volunteers who work with Eastport Elementary School students. County Reading teacher Karen Garczynski is the school’s Volunteer Coordinator and works closely with RWAAC program volunteers.



The No Child Left Behind Committee’s main mission is to:

  • Provide the opportunity for every child to maximize the utilization of their individual skills.
  • Supply the necessary funds to acquire text books.
  • Provide volunteers to interact with the students.
  • Develop and increase student confidence.
  • Assist the student in developing a working English vocabulary

RWAAC started working with Eastport Elementary School on the No Child Left Behind Program approximately 10 years ago. We annually donate $1,000 to $2,000 to the school for the purchase of books. The text books are used by our volunteers to work with students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The books for the school library are children’s books that focus on U.S. History.

Harriet Burkhart, Chairman, No Child Left Behind & Literacy Programs

(Read Harriet’s full bio.)

Harriet has been a highly dedicated volunteer for No Child Left Behind and other literacy programs.

  • She has volunteered one day a week for the last 10 years.
  • She teaches Language for Learning and Language for Thinking.
  • She facilitates their Annual Book Fair.
  • She attends county-run workshops.
  • She attending school and county award ceremonies
  • Representing RWAAC at P.T.A. fundraiser events

View Photos from the March 2, 2012  Read Across America event at Eastport Elementary School.

Read Across America is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2 — Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries and community centers participate by bringing together kids, teens and books.


Additional community activities RWAAC members support include:

  • voter registration drives;
  • support of Republican candidates by assisting in campaign activities, hosting receptions, manning offices, preparing the mailings, poll watching and financial support;
  • hosting a fashion show/luncheon each spring since 1966. Then gubernatorial candidate Spiro Agnew was auctioneer at the first luncheon;
  • Supporting the Domestic Violence Shelter, Arden House, with monthly financial contributions as well as twice yearly “showers.” The club also furnished two rooms at the shelter.
  • assisting as needed at the headquarters of the Maryland State Republican Party, stuffing envelopes, etc.;
  • volunteering at the White House during Republican administrations;
  • participating in the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project by donating books to the Anne Arundel County Public Library each year;
  • legislation lobbying;
  • attending semiannual meetings of the MFRW and the biennial meetings of the NFRW;
  • contributing to the Salvation Army of Annapolis;
  • individual members have been naming Eastport Elementary School as recipient of grocery store credits to be used for school supplies;
  • supporting the annual Anne Arundel County Central Committee Lincoln Day Dinners;
  • taking trips to sites of cultural or historic importance;
  • visiting the General Assembly when it is in session, and meeting with Republican members from our County delegation;
  • hosting a breakfast for Republican legislators at the beginning of the legislative session.