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– Next RWAAC Monthly Membership Meeting

Wednesday, October 8
10:00am – 11:30am

Conte-Lubrano Building
130 Lubrano Drive
Annapolis, MD


Please Welcome Our Newest RWAAC Member

Congratulations to Bethany and Don Quinn for the birth of their beautiful daughter, Catherine Quinn. Catherine was born Friday September 26, 2014. She was 6.13lbs and 19 3/4″.

First PhotoFirst DayCatherine Quinn

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The Republican Women of Anne Arundel County (RWAAC) organization is a team of women
dedicated to fighting for the future of our local communities, Anne Arundel County, and the State
of Maryland. We fight for the principles that are critical to future prosperity: unlimited economic
opportunities for all citizens, and unwavering protection of civil and God-given liberties. We
advance these principles through both education and activism.

Now in our 77th year, RWAAC is focusing on creating an education program for each
demographic of our community. We will host several outreach events that focus on connecting
with those who traditionally ignore Republican. These events will seek to connect with such
people through the common ground we share with them. We will be holding alternative General
Meetings in the evening to make RWAAC more accessible to those who work during the day.
RWAAC also is focusing on reaching out to young adults – our future leaders. We will be
hosting Happy Hours and other evening events at local hangout popular with young adults.

Furthermore, RWAAC is also making a major investment in social media. This will allow us to
reach a broad, diverse, and growing audience. Through Social Media, we will spread educational
articles and general information, provide session updates and info – including info on high
profile and important bills, and advertise upcoming events.

On the activism front, RWAAC will focus on encouraging members to get involved in the
legislative process. We will also be organizing events that encourage people to celebrate and
embrace their rights. One such event will involve firearm training and certification and will
encourage attendees to take full advantage of the 2nd Amendment.

RWAAC will also continue its commitment to charity and helping the community this year by
continuing to support the Arden House. Arden House provides support and shelter for women
involved in domestic violence situations.

Come discover all that RWAAC has to offer this year!

Barbara Morsberger
RWAAC President